Windows 10 built-in AV not so good…

So, I have been running Windows 10 on custom built PC trying it out and I like it, however the built in Windows AntiVirus and Malware protector does not work too good.  I usually play Steam games on the PC, for productivity I use my Mac. I worked on the Macs N PCs website yesterday with Jonathan Smith and could not see my website on the Windows 10 PC. After an unneeded hour of troubleshooting found it was some malware on the PC and removed it with Free version of Malwarebytes.
I do not understand why people tolerate in some cases paying for an operating system that needs to have Antivirus Apps and Malware Applications to allow the operating system to function properly.
Please strongly consider adding Malwarebytes Free version and AVG Free version at a minimum if you do not have ” protection ” on your Windows computer.
What Antivirus do you use?
While I enjoy fixing Apple Macintosh computers that have a hardware problem I know that the Mac costs more and that odds are you are very frustrated you are having a problem.  When the PC gets infected with Malware or a Virus it will slow the PC down and make it behave oddly.  In my case the PC would not show my website and the Mac would.  This is why I push, promote Apple.  They rarely have these types of issues. I fix Macs and I fix PCs.  I prefer the Mac as it well, just works.  No hassles.
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Andrew Justice