About Macs N PCs



I have over 30 years of IT “experiences” and thoroughly enjoy fixing computers, primarily Apple Computers. My PC Partner Qualitech in Lemoyne is my preferred Windows PC expert. Gary Barker, the owner and myself have worked with each other for almost 20 years, he has never let me down. He hates Macs but will cheerfully sign in your Mac for service by Macs N PCs. ( He will treat it right )

I owned a small Apple Authorized Dealership in my house back in the mid to late 90’s. “Selling Apple” to allow me to have a Dealership in my home was no easy task, I assure you. Regardless, people that were customers in those days still seek me out and mostly delighted to contact me again. If you have a Mac problem or question please drop me a line if you are local to the Camp Hill, PA area.


Yes, I realize there is an Apple store in Lancaster, but that is a haul and if I had the option to speak or meet with someone who knew Apple, I would choose the one who had almost 25 years Apple experience, not the one who was 25 years old.  They are great with iPhone and iPads. Go there if you have an iPad or iPhone issue. I focus on Apple Computers. I listen to your needs and wants and provide a solution using existing technology.